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Dear Timothy

According to the promise of life In Christ Jesus, I thank God whom I serve With a blameless conscience.

For God did not give us A spirit of timidity; But of power and love, Self discipline dear Timothy.

So do not be ashamed To testify in the Lord, But suffer in the Gospel By the Power of our God.

Grace was given us 'Fore the start of time, But has now appeared In Jesus who brings life.

THIS is why I suffer As I am, and not ashamed, Because I know whom I believe, Who guards my soul until that day.

And even though deserted, As I preached the word in Asia, We live strong in our Christ Jesus, By the power of His grace.

Endure the hardships that beset us As a soldier serving Christ, For the man who serves his army Lives no civilian life.

Remember our Lord Jesus, Who by God's will rose from the dead, Which is the Gospel that I work for, For the sake of the elect.

If we die with Him we'll live with Him, If we endure we'll also reign. If we disown Him, He'll disown us, But He's faithful to the end.

Don't quarrel about the small things, Just teach the word of truth. Avoid your godless chatter, Flee desires of your youth.

Pursue righteousness and faith, Living lovingly in peace. Do all this with your brothers Who for the will of God they seek.

Now mark my words in these last days, That men will love themselves. They state belief in God, But deny His power over Hell.

And Timothy, you know Of the life I choose to live. Everyone who lives for Christ Will be hurt or maimed or kicked.

But you see that in the Scriptures (That will surely make you wise), God has breathed for our instruction, And made us righteous in His eyes.

So in the presence of our God and Christ, Who'll judge the living and the dead, And in the view of His appearing, And the words which I have said,

I charge you, my dear Timothy, Preach the word and be prepared. Correct, rebuke, encourage, With great patience and great care.

Keep your head at every moment, Do the work for which we're called, Live as an evangelist, Like I, your brother, Paul.

Dear Timothy, I'm weary. Do your best to come at once. The Lord be with your spirit, Greet the faithful whom I love.

Reflect on what I'm saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all of this.

I wrote this yesterday, after finishing 2 Timothy. Basically it is an effort on my part to understand the text better.

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