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One Year

It's been an entire year since I first began working as a college pastor at my local church, and it almost took me by surprise this evening when I finished my talk and wrapped up my series of reflections on the books of First and Second Timothy. It's rather odd when you've gotten so connected to a routine, a way of doing things, that when it comes to completion it leaves you upside-down. I've been pastoring students and preaching the Word of God every week now for a year, and all of a sudden it's finals week and our college group is finished until August.

We're planning on doing some events for studies during the summer, but the reality is that I've already led that last year and I kind of have a better idea of what's going on during the summer. My former pastor urged me to take the first year of ministry as evaluative--don't go jumping in to try and change everything and save everyone from the "old way." But now that it's been a year, I'm eager and ready to take a good look at the different pieces of it all and figure out a way to make it more effective towards its purpose.

Praise be to God for giving me this excellent first year of ministry, even though I was simply reflecting his his glory.

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