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A Night to Remember

What an incredible evening.

I had such an excellent time.

This tastes amazing!

These were a few of the enthusiastic comments we heard about our Welcome to Golden Party this past Sunday evening.


And truly I must say that it was quite an extraordinary party. Nothing crazy happened--it was just very fun. It's easy for me to get lost in the praise, and to begin thinking to myself, "Wow, Ben, you did an excellent job. You've really got a knack for this."

It's really easy for me to conveniently forget that just a week ago I was wandering through the pines of an existential crisis on the top of a nearby mountain while a pile of worry and fear suffocated me. We're not going to have enough food! Nobody's going to come! Will we get any new students, or will it just be a big Christian huddle? I did such a terrible job of including people in the planning of this party.

As the afternoon rain clouds rolled in and forced me to retreat to lower elevations, the facts began to overwhelm me: if this party was going to work, it was going to be God's grace. If people were going to come, it would be God's grace. If there was going to be enough food, it was going to be God's grace.

Once the party was over, my heart bubbled over with pride. I did such a great job! I really learned a lot from last year. I'm so glad that I made such a simple plan. If only everyone else could plan something as well as I could.

Good grief, self, what happened to God's grace?

I am so prone to elevate myself to divinity when things go well and lower myself to the gutter when things go poorly or they may go poorly. God so easily becomes State Farm to me--he's that Good Neighbor Who's There, who I can call upon when I need help but stays in his own home the rest of the time.

Lord, please forgive me. Give me the humility to give you the honor. Create in me a mind that trusts you at all times.

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