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Raising Our Own Affections

I've been reading Bob Kauflin's excellent Worship Matters this morning, and this line particularly struck me:

When we fail to demonstrate delight and satisfaction in God, we're not only dishonoring God, we're disobeying him. More than anyone else on earth, Christians have a reason to celebrate. Perhaps what was so striking to me today is that I find a tendency in myself to merely commentate on our delight and celebration rather than actually doing it.

"We can find all our joy in the gospel!"

"You should rejoice in who you are in Christ!"

"Come on church, let's sing like we mean it!"

Don't misunderstand me: there's nothing wrong with commentary. But there is something wrong when I fail to actually do those things. Lord, forgive me for the times when I seek to instruct, correct, rebuke, or train others in the way of godliness without cultivating the same in myself first and foremost. Lord, if I see others failing to be affected by the gospel, let me lead by example rather than exhortation. Teach me to move from being a mere bystanding commentator toward actually finding delight in Christ myself.

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