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When Did Sin Begin? [a review]

A helpful analysis of and meditation upon the question of evolution and sin.

Project Hail Mary [a review]

An imaginative, whimsical, thrilling extra-solar escape room. A great summer sci-fi read.

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self [a review]

Interesting historical analysis and reflection on how the self became psychological, but ultimately unpersuasive and unhelpful toward cultivating common ground.

The Making of Biblical Womanhood [a review]

A painful, searing, yet imperfect and uneven case against Complementarianism. Though not all her arguments persuade, hers is still a powerful word to the Complementarian church.

The Salvage Crew [a review]

A strange, interesting tale of first contact that starts off strong but peters out in the home stretch.

Learning in Public: Rust Structs

My attempt to talk through what I'm learning about how the Rust programming language handles data and the functions that provide relevant behavior.

Room of Marvels [a review]

A journey through the pain of death, the hope of heaven, and the kindness of God.

Another Gospel? [a review]

Orthodox answers to progressive questions. Though not perfect, this is a helpful resource for the searching.
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