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Amish Technology

Perhaps rather than building software tools to garner ourselves a big fat exit, it might be better to think of ourselves like the village blacksmith who makes excellent tools for the community. Not looking to exit, but to stay.

Learning in Public: Rust Structs

My attempt to talk through what I'm learning about how the Rust programming language handles data and the functions that provide relevant behavior.

The Business Case for TypeScript

It's a language that can lead to greater reliability and enjoyability of the code and hospitality of the codebase. There's a solid business case to be made for it, but if you don't like it then just write JavaScript.

Creating Problems with Software Solutions

Software companies should have a healthy fear that their programmed panaceas might make the world a strictly worse place to be.

Static Typing: a Personal Journey

Last February my company sent me to the Colorado School of Mines, my alma mater, to recruit computer science grads. Many of my former classmates were there as well, and I started chatting with a guy who was telling me about his job where he wrote…
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