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Come Close to Me

It's hard to live A life for Christ, When all around, and like a knife that wounds your soul, emburdens strife, The world, Its pleasures of the night. And yet the iron's Never steel, Until the wrath Of fire feels. So wary in a trial be, Look out for…


Clarified, Resolute, precision: Sunrise betwixt the mountains. Sinusoidal entrance of the sun, Glowing, Mathematic perfection. Life is overexposed. "-Just enough!" The lands proclaim. Most artists use paint; This One used hydrogen, A symphony of…

The Samaritan Example

As Rebelutionaries, it seems wise to look to the Samaritans (and the way that Jesus taught about them) for an example of how to live. Samaritans were the racial minority in the time of Jesus, shunned and downtrodden by the Jews. Yet Jesus continually…

Test Post

Testing testing one two three. God, can you hear me? Statistics show that this is an unpopular blog thus far.
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