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Noah: Reflections

While Aronofsky might not have gotten some of the details right on the Noahic plotline, in my opinion he absolutely nailed the Bible's emotional stance on evil. I've typically found among us evangelical types that we're generally okay with movies as long as they don't have sex scenes or four-letter words, but when it comes to glamorously portraying horrifically graphic violence or greed (for instance), we don't bat an eye.

Make Some Beer [A Review]

"Craft beer is like wine these days," my brother offhandedly remarked to me "It's crazy how many options there are." I grew up on the front range of Colorado, which is basically micro brew mecca. It's weird if your town doesn't have a brewery. Call…

The Wonder-Working God [A Review]

What are we supposed to do with miracles? Sigh. We could write them off as pre-scientific descriptions of very natural phenomena or we could look at them as mythological tales designed to communicate theological truth. Both of these options allow us…

Kindling a Revolution in Reading

We bookish types are straddling two very disparate worlds right now. The old world is that of the wonderful used bookstore crammed with too many floor-to-ceiling bookshelves which are in turn crammed with too many used books, each ripe enough to give…

The Word of the Lord [A Review]

Hers is a name that I have seen more and more frequently over the past year on the blogs I frequent as well as on Facebook amongst my friends. Until recently, however, I had known very little about Nancy Guthrie, and so I decided to pick up one of…

The Martian [A Review]

"You are the only human being on Mars." A review of The Martian, a new novel by Andy Weir.

On Preaching [A Review]

Preaching is one of those things that just about everyone has a strong opinion about. Outside of Christian circles, it's a derogatory verb to describe what intolerant people do. Within Christian circles it has a more positive connotation, but still…

Dark Gethsemane Flooded with Light

About a month ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Lent to Maundy Thursday, an album by local band Page CXVI. As part of their Church Calendar project, that album set the Lenten season to music. It's a lush, reflective album that has helped Lent be a…

A Plea to Pastors: Compress Your Sermon Recordings

Podcast sermons are a thing now, and people listen to you preach on their morning commutes. How neat is that? Let me tell you what is less neat. Because pastors can go from yelling at the top of their voices to whispering the next moment, this…

Lent to Maundy Thursday

Page CXVI (a reference to p. 116 in The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis) is the name of a local Colorado band that fills a rather unusual niche: finding and repainting older hymns. They have released four albums of hymns, an album of lullabies, and are…
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