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The Good Place [a reflection]

A place without God—the source of all goodness—is a bad place.

The Business Case for TypeScript

It's a language that can lead to greater reliability and enjoyability of the code and hospitality of the codebase. There's a solid business case to be made for it, but if you don't like it then just write JavaScript.

Creating Problems with Software Solutions

Software companies should have a healthy fear that their programmed panaceas might make the world a strictly worse place to be.

Against God and Nature [a review]

Sin is one of those tricky words that we suppose we have a grasp of, but upon closer inspection turns out to be a bit more slippery to talk about than we first imagined. Though we might at first blush say sin is something like "doing bad things" or…

God and Galileo [a review]

Faith vs. Science: from nearly every vantage point, there is some degree of tension between the two. Like oil and water, they just don't mix. To some, the answer to this "tension" is obvious: faith is a weird hobby you do in private like designing…

ESV Illuminated Art Journaling Bible [a review]

What is the purpose of owning a personal Bible? While for some a Bible might satisfy the need to be connected to something transcendent, I'd imagine many people would purchase a Bible so as to read it. Unfortunately, a majority of English Bibles in…

Stereotypical End-of-year 'Best Books' Blog Post Title

What makes a book good? I read a decent number of books per year, and I am always quite hesitant to rate a book higher than 4 stars, mostly because I want 5 stars to mean something beyond "I enjoyed this book." To that end, my top books of the year…

ESV Archaeology Study Bible [A Review]

I have a love-hate relationship with study Bibles. On the one hand, the Bible is thousands of years old, and you'd be a fool to solely rely upon your own intuition about what it all means. That's not to say there's some mystical secret da Vinci code…

Ready Player One [A Review]

A fun adventure, but depressing in its view of the world.
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