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Why don't I get it?

The Joy of a Rainy Day

Image courtesy of Shane-h. I love rainy days almost to an irrational level. This anonymous author agrees: "Everything in nature after the rain bears a fresh look. The very grass which looked withered in the summer heat just a day before raises it…

Kingdom Man (Book review)

Photo credit: Tyndale publishers. In this approachable book weighing in just over 200 pages, author Dr. Tony Evans seeks to help men step up out of apathy and into their God-given role as leaders and, well, men. Written in the same vein as Wild at…

The Joy of Irrelevance

If you'd consider yourself culturally literate in the world of current American Christendom, then you're more than aware of our infatuation with relevance these days. You'd understand why churches are increasingly meeting in peculiar places like…

One Year

It's been an entire year since I first began working as a college pastor at my local church, and it almost took me by surprise this evening when I finished my talk and wrapped up my series of reflections on the books of First and Second Timothy. It…

Back from the Dead

It looks like I haven't updated the ol' blog in a while. Whoops. I suppose time flies by. Just after my last post I landed at the Colorado School of Mines and was quickly swamped by the amount of work I had to do. Now, four years later, I'll be…